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Ahoy, dear friends! Grab your seafaring gear because we’re about to embark on a voyage with Juliette from Juliette By The Sea. Anchored in Dorset, by the majestic waves of the world-famous Jurassic coast, Juliette isn’t just any celebrant. She’s your compass, your guiding star, here to navigate you through an important chapter in your life’s story.

Living by the rhythmic whispers of the sea, with her husband Mark and their feline companion Odin, Juliette finds tranquility and inspiration in the soothing ebb and flow of the waters. Even before the sea called her, she was drawn to the banks of a river, ever attuned to the life-affirming serenity of water.

When the time came to infuse Juliette’s sea-borne spirit into her brand and website, we knew we had a special task at hand. We needed to mirror her love for water, her ability to guide you through your life’s pivotal moments, and her unique connection to the ever-inspiring, ever-changing waterscape around her.

So, we dipped our brushes into the hues of the Jurassic coast, sketched the outlines with Juliette’s guiding spirit, and painted a digital canvas as inspiring and life-affirming as Juliette herself. 

The result? A brand and a website that, much like the sea, are soothing, inspiring, and ever-changing. A platform that beckons you to dive into the world of Juliette By The Sea, and embark on a voyage of celebrating your unique life chapters.

So, if you’re dreaming of a ceremony that’s stirred by the soothing whispers of the sea, navigated by a celebrant as steadfast as the North Star, step aboard Juliette By The Sea. Let Juliette guide you on a voyage that’s as unique and awe-inspiring as your own life story!

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