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I'm Jennifer Claire

Celebrant Business Coach. Creative Designer. Wedding and Funeral Supplier Guru and Superfan.

I work with 1000’s of Celebrants to grow their business success.

Also In this market where impressions are set within seconds, it’s vital to have a style and website that stands out. With my team of chicas, we are ready to craft your style and put your business on the map.

You want to make a lasting and memorable first wow moment when your clients see your website, so that they stop looking elsewhere. You want them to connect with you immediately and you want to stand behind a brand and a website that you are proud to show off.

We give you the style, look, feel and website that screams ‘I love my business’ and connects you to those clients that not only look, but book.

You will fall in love with your business, just like your clients will fall in love with you.

This is your life. Your business.
You want to make it a success.
Stand out. Build a reputation.

And with the right brand, an aligned one that gives you that ‘a ha’ feeling, gives you the confidence to scream ‘Look at me, I rock’ is exactly what you need.

Because let’s be real, that feeling truly comes when you listen to yourself and become the true powerhouse that you have inside you.

When you work with Cherry vows, we become your biggest fans. Your ultimate cheerleaders and learn what makes you tick.

When we jump into your shoes, we can really make an impact.


Top 10 must haves for a booming business

So let’s play!

Create a stand out celebrant brand

Give your celebrant biz the wow factor

Become top of your game & fast

Get the support & knowledge you need

Need to see it to believe it?

Just take a look at our client showcase

Blissberry Ceremonies

Website Design for Blissberry Ceremonies

Ceremonies by Nikki

Website Design for Ceremonies by Nikki

Proud Fox Ceremonies.

Website Design for Proud Fox Ceremonies

12 years ago, when I started out, I had no clue what worked. Now I shine stardom on hundreds of businesses in the wedding industry.

Hi, I’m Jennifer and this is my team mates, Chantal and Meg. Our team of chica’s from the UK, Spain and South Africa.

We bring international flair and flavour to each and every project we cheer on. For years, we’ve been taking businesses from zero style to max glam with a clear brand and web presence. One that connects client to booking.

The problem is…so many new business start by jumping in to DIY. And with this, comes mismatched colours, styles, fonts and overall look and feel. May look pro to you, but to your ideal client looks all over the place.

Same with web design, you could spend hours, weeks even creating a website that lacks the sparkle and flair your business truly deserves…and then misses out the vital client journey, optimisation and design that connects the dots…

We know that making an investment in your business can be scary. But this is one of the investments you can’t take for granted..it’ll pay you back super quick when your ideal clients are like ‘wow this is the supplier for me’ and makes that booking.

get ideal clients saying yes, yes & yes again?

Lisa Lisa Wilson Celebrant

Jennifer's coaching has transformed my celebrant business.

I am more focused, determined, knowledgeable and inspired.

Within 3 months I achieved my income targets for the whole year which had been organically growing but under Jennifer's guidance I've implemented her training and seen phenomenal return both professionally and personally. She's smart, kind and a visionary. I've loved and learnt so much.

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