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Hello, I’m Jennifer Claire.

Success Coach. Creative Marketeer. Brand & Website Designer. Wedding Celebrant.
Best-selling Author & Speaker. Founder of The Celebrant Directory.

Yes I have a few titles. The most important one to me? I’m a mum to a gorgeous boy, wife to a stud of a husband and I am passionate about travelling the world. I’m at 46 countries and still counting.

When I started out on my journey in the Wedding industry, I left my training course without a clue how to start up a business, let alone get fully booked within a year. I never dreamt I’d have a business that gives me so much financial freedom and control, away from the grind of the 9-5 rat race. One that allows me to create dreams and travel whenever I want.

Today, I live life on my terms. I choose when I work when I want and I turn dreams into reality supporting celebrants and others seeking financial freedom to do the same thing.

The business you desire is just steps away.

Take action and watch it grow.

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I see you and I totally get it!

You are here, you made it! You are in the right place if you want to grow your celebrant business…simple as that. Look, I’ve been where you are right now, unsure how to get your business off the ground, visible or just fully heading in the right direction. You’ve done your training, put the time in and now you are just stuck. The A-to-B path of training-to-fully booked you thought would be easy, just isn’t getting you where you want to be, fast!

Stick with me, I’ll get you there.

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