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I’ve been in the wedding industry since 2010. The business is hot, ready and moving forward at a rapid, confetti-in-the-air type, rate. It’s booming and I bet you are ready for a piece of that sweet, fully booked pie.

Well stick with me, I’ll show you how you can have the business of your dreams.

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You're working hard at your social media ...

... you are going to wedding fairs and trying your hand at seo, but you just aren’t getting any closer to your goal.

I’ve been there. Let me tell you my story.

Alongside a solid and well paid career in marketing working for some of the biggest charities out there (and fundraising multiple 6 figure campaigns), I trained as a celebrant. I loved my corporate job but didn’t love the commutes to London, the conformity of the environment and the lack of actual personal decision making that it presented.

I knew I was destined for something greater.

I wanted my own business where I was the boss and creator of my own future success.

I never shied away at being the centre of attention so trained to be a wedding celebrant (yes, right at the front of it all!) and even dressed up as a chicken for an Oxfam charity event once. So I started my celebrant business in 2010.

It wasn’t easy at first. Trust me. Not only did I have to educate people on what the heck a celebrant was, but also try to get them to trust me as their recommended supplier.

However, I was determined to be a success.

Within a year I was fully booked

Within 3 years, I decided to go full time and never looked back. I was a highly sought-after celebrant, flown to Spain, Portugal and even Bali to officiate weddings. My clients ranged from boho chic through to 5 star luxury.

I was the recommended supplier for 30+ venues in my area alone, was featured in national and international press, won awards for my work and rapidly became an industry influencer.

I now judge for The Wedding Industry Awards, am the Founder of the global Celebrant Directory, an industry speaker and am an Amazon Best selling Author.

The reason I am telling you this is because you can have this too!


Nowadays, I have the luxury of working with only a select amount of couples each year. I now use my extensive experience in the industry and in marketing, brand and web design to coach celebrant professionals just like you to have your dream business.

Stick with me and I'll show you the way.

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Become top of your game & fast

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