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Alrighty, let’s paint the picture with a dash of color and a spoonful of fun!

When Verity, a sunbeam of a celebrant with a heart crammed full of passion for her job, first approached me, we clicked like two puzzle pieces finding their match! With a history twirling in the classroom as a teaching assistant, she was bubbling over with ideas for her new career, and boy, did she need a shiny, smiley website and brand to match!

We plunged headfirst into the creative pool, splashing around ideas as colourful as Verity herself. Her website needed to twinkle with her sweet and infectious energy, and showcase her knack for creating truly mesmerising ceremonies that leave you dizzy with delight. From the get-go, it was crystal clear – Verity is not just any celebrant, she’s your celebrant. She’s there to wrap up your love story in a cosy blanket of beautiful words and intriguing traditions, all sprinkled with a modern charm that’s as fresh as a daisy!

As a designer, it was like unwrapping a gift each time we peeled back another layer of her personality to incorporate into the design. Just as she gives her all to make her clients’ ceremonies extra special, she poured that same love and dedication into the creation of her website and brand. And voila! We birthed a platform as enchanting as the lady herself, filled with veritable Verity vibes!

In a nutshell, it was a sweet and smiley journey of two creatives frolicking in a field of ideas to bring Verity’s vibrant vision to life. A true twirl of collaboration, if ever there was one! So if you’ve been dreaming of a ceremony drenched in heartfelt words, captivating stories, and tied up with a bow of modern charm, Verity’s your gal, and her website is your gateway to making that dream a reality!

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