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Celebrate with Sally



Sally approached me to breathe some life into her website and business.

I listened to Sally’s desires for her new site and tried to capture the essence of her in a simple, traditional beautiful site that reflected her style of ceremonies.

It is a simple, user friendly site that allows Sally to make changes herself whenever she feels it needs a little re-fresh.




want something as fabulous as this?



Where do I start? After many months of going round and round in circles, frustrated and exhausting my bank balance, I took the plunge with Jennifer, after listening to her and sharing the CSA courses and spending time in the groups.

I asked Jennifer to help me recreate my attempted website which just disappointed me.

Jennifer joined with me and together we have worked on it, not easy from opposite ends of the earth and time zones!!

The result is beyond words, Jennifer cajoled and encouraged me all the way. Jennifer has become someone really special to me, she showed patience, tolerance and exhaustive enthusiasm to produce my amazing new website.

She totally. understands me and where I come from.Thank you, Jennifer, for such a brilliant result. I will never forget your kindness, passion and creativity.

I am so excited for the future and continue to work with you all to take my business to the next level

Sally Celebrate with Sally

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