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Branding & Website

Dave Foster

Working with Dave was an absolutely pleasure. Dave was completely new to the Funeral and Wedding celebrant world. Working his corporate his whole life, he was unsure how to start his celebrant business and how to present himself to the world.

Our journey began with a 121 POWER UP day where we covered all aspects on his business development and growth.

After this day, we worked together to create a solid and strong brand, along with a website that suits his style and speaks directly to his target audience.

So excited to continue to support Dave through his attendance of the Celebrant Success Accelerator programme. Sky is the limit!

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Dave Foster

Celebrant Dave Foster

“I found Jennifer Claire Constant, whilst I was looking for a website designer to launch my new career as a celebrant. I quickly discovered that she also offers coaching services and, being completely new to this industry, I thought ‘who could be better to coach me, than a celebrant who is already successful’. We set up a date to meet, for an ‘intensive coaching session’ and I cannot begin to tell you how professional, helpful, supportive and caring that I found Jennifer to be. I left the meeting with a brand new logo, a marketing plan, newfound knowledge of digital marketing and the confidence to ‘go for it’. Jennifer is just a delightful person to work with and I immediately felt at ease with her and confident that I had made the right decision. She is bubbly, positive, supportive and just an all round lovely human being.

I have just quit my regular day job and I am so looking forward to launching my new celebrant career, and knowing that Jennifer is there to help, support and guide me, is a great feeling! Thank you Jen


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