How to welcome change to benefit your business

Running your own business is tough.


You’ve spent hours researching the industry, studying buyer personas, setting up a website, and answering client requests. But now that everything’s up and running on it’s own, you can finally take a step back and relax, right?




One of the biggest threats to business success is complacency. Just because you’ve found a business model and a steady stream of clients doesn’t mean it will be that way forever. It’s vital you make an effort to consistently review your own business model and welcome change where and when you see fit.


Here are my tips for welcoming change into your business.


Read, read, read!


If you want your business to grow successfully you must change with the times. Google is your best friend. Make it a point to regularly research industry trends and news to find out what your potential clients are really asking for, what new venues are open for business, and what new marketing tools can help you grow.


Review your agreements


If you are working with outsourced suppliers, like social media managers or PR subcontractors. It’s important to reevaluate their contribution to your growth. As your business evolves, your business needs may evolve, as well. You may find you need to change suppliers based on a change in brand, volume, or quality.


Invest in yourself (and others)


Training and developing yourself is the gift that keeps on giving. Nowadays you can find hundreds of courses online (lots of them even free!) in subjects such as SEO optimisation, digital marketing, scaling, accounting for entrepreneurs, etc. Find ones relevant to your industry as this will save you time trying to align the tools.


Ask for criticism


Nobody likes their work criticised, but it’s an essential part of both professional and personal growth. Looking at your business from the inside is like having blinders on, only seeing what is directly in front of you. Have friends, family, or fellow business owners give you their feedback on your business and marketing material on a regular basis.


Remember that change isn’t something to be scared of or shy away from. Take the bull by the horns and run towards it! It’s your business and your future success, after all.

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