The Secrets to a Successful Blog

Blogging is a powerful tool that could seriously up your online marketing game and provides a slew of benefits for your business.

A good blog can boost your SEO results and bring more people in contact with your brand. You can develop a stronger relationship with your audience and potential customers. You can even set yourself apart as an industry leader and become a reference for your business niche.

But before you start dreaming of overnight blog stardome, make sure you take note of these 8 steps to creating a successful blog.

Make catchy headlines

Seduce people into reading your blog with an attractive headline. If you bore or confuse readers with a dull or overly verbose headline, they definitely won’t want to continue reading the rest of your blog. Keep your headlines short, to-the-point, and eye-catching.

Use impactful images

You have but a second or two to grab someone’s attention with your online content. Along with a dynamite headline, make sure you are using images that jump out at readers. Stock images can work great, and there are tons of free resources you can find by simply Googling, but make sure these images aren’t the first-picks that everyone else recycles over and over. Find pictures that are relevant, bold, and give your audience a good idea of what you’re writing about.

Don’t forget CTAs

Gaining a large readership is great, but what use is it if you don’t ask them to act on something? Prompt them to sign up for your monthly newsletter or give their feedback in the comments section. Integrate call-to-actions in your blog to generate engagement and also promote loyalty to your brand.

Use internal links

Internal links = free advertising. Hello!? Who doesn’t love free advertising? Integrating links to other articles or webpages of yours in your own blog doesn’t just boost SEO results, it also gets your audience reading more and more of your content. A handful of web-surfers may just randomly stumble across your latest blog post, so giving them easy access to other material of value will increase your influence, prompting them to stick around.

Read, write, repeat

As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. As good of a writer you think you are, it’s probable that your first couple posts are going to…well…not perform as you like. One of the things that makes a blogger successful is their own personal style they’ve developed through their years of experience. Their posts have personality, and a consistent one at that. Read other bloggers’ work as much as you can to get a sense of their personality types, and use this inspiration to start creating your own. Practice writing as much as you can, whenever you can. Before you know it you’ll have developed a unique blogging style.

Create a content schedule

Consistency is key in blogging. If you are posting 3 days a week for months at a time and suddenly drop off the face of the planet, your audience is going to wonder what happened. Developing a content schedule will help you set realistic goals and build a sense of trust with your readers. And remember to start slow. Don’t over-stretch yourself with unrealistic amounts of content. Over-promising can bite you in the bum.

Guest-post often

This is something that is often overlooked by so many celebrants. Focusing all your efforts on your own blog means you could be losing exposure elsewhere. The world wide web is a big place, and there are tons of other content creators out there who have a lot larger reach than you. Find some creatives in the same realm as you and get in contact! Having a feature in a popular blog gives you exposure to a group of people who you may never have touched on otherwise. There’s enough room for all of us to succeed!

Now you’re ready to get out there and start blogging!

Who are some of your favourite industry bloggers? What makes them special? How do you make your blog stand out from the crowd? Share your comments below!

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