The importance of being true to you

The wedding industry is competitive. Everyday a new professional in the field trains, gets certified, and sets up their marketing platforms. They are hungry for it.

But so are you!

You’ve heard it time and time again. ¨Just be yourself.¨ (I’ll give you a couple seconds to roll your eyes, go on.)

It’s the same advice your dad gave before making your presentation on the solar system when you were 9.  It’s the same advice your best friend gave you before going on that date with your high school crush. Heck, it’s the same advice you gave yourself not all that long ago before that big job interview!

And there’s a reason for it.


What is authenticity, and why is it so important?

Being authentic means being worthy of someone’s trust. To build this trust, you must be true to the values you’re portraying, show a sense of purpose in your work, and be consistent.

Have you noticed that every time you scroll through your Facebook feed you’re bound to see videos of war veterans returning home to surprise their kids, or dogs being reunited with their owners for the first time in months? If you’re anything like me, you more than likely end up in tears!

This reflects a trend towards content that encourages building deeper connections that has dominated marketing. The last couple decades have seen a shift in consumer behaviour, as traditional marketing techniques are no longer enjoying the results they once did. What consumers really want is not just a product or service, but an experience. When your following establishes that connection with you, they’re not just seeing a list of services and prices. They’re creating a bond.


But does it actually work?

To put it simply, yes!

Showing your true self gives substance to your business. It enables people to relate to you, trust you, and look to you as a reference.  Establishing this bond and being seen as an influencer in your industry means your potential clients will not only pay more attention to you, but they will consider your products and services to be something that could potentially benefit them. Like in any relationship, you tend to trust the opinions of those who you feel closest with.


So how can I do this?

Here are a few pointers on how you can show your true self through your business and marketing efforts:

Be real. Let people know your true motives for being in the Celebrant industry, why you’re passionate about it, and what you hope to gain.

Be consistent. Stay true to your message throughout all interactions with your audience.

Highlight your reputation/what makes you unique. There’s only one you, after all. Don’t be generic, as you may appeal to a different type of person than the next Celebrant.

Nurture your following. Stay loyal, helpful and honest with those people who have taken the time to get to you know and your business.

Have fun! When someone is passionate about their business, it shows. Your excitement will undoubtedly be contagious and result in more bookings.


3 Benefits of Being Yourself

You will connect better with your audience.

When it comes down to it, people do business with people they like. If your potential-clients feel like they identify with you and connect with you on a deeper level, they’re more likely to work with you.

You will be happier.

Being authentic will give you a sense of freedom. Being true to yourself and to your audience allows you relieve some of that build-up stress that you probably didn’t even realize you had! Just think of all the energy used in creating a facade and trying to maintain it. Now imagine that energy being taken off your shoulders entirely. This can have a huge impact on your business.

Your business will grow.

As I discussed before, potential customers are looking to make connections with you on a deeper level. Once you are able to make that connection, you will be marked out as a trustworthy and reliable brand. This type of label can really propel your business. Engaging with this audience after you’ve made that bond converts them to not only customers, but advocates. Don’t underestimate the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Your very own clients can turn out to be your strongest marketing asset.


Phew! Bet you didn’t think so much could go into simply ¨being you¨!  But when all is said and done, you are your biggest asset. As they say, ¨be yourself; everyone else is already taken.¨

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