How to scale your business

So you’ve got the hang of it. You’re comfortable where you are. You’re business is doing just fine.


But it can do better.


You can do more.


You’re ready to take it to the next level. But where do you start? Here are my 5 tips on scaling your business.


Set goals


I know what you’re thinking. ¨Well, duh Jen! I could have figured that much!¨ However, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had my Celebrant clients tell me they want to grow their business, and immediately jump into facts, figures, and marketing budget without knowing exactly what they’re trying to achieve.

Do you want to expand your client base in your local area? In surrounding areas? Do you want to branch out into officiating other types of events you don’t currently offer? Do you want to outsource more tasks or hire employees?

As you can see, scaling a business is more than simply ¨growing.¨ It’s knowing where to grow, how to grow, and how to sustain that growth.

Only once you have set your goals can you then set forth a budget, plan, and realistic strategy to reach them.


Create priority lists and procedures


You’re probably noticed by now, I’m big on organisation. Creating a priority list forces you to visually chart down your objectives, be it by year, month, or day. The important bit is to make sure you’re identifying those must-do’s, the tasks that have the biggest impact on you and your business, the should-do’s, the task that are of importance but don’t carry the same urgency, and the could-do’s, those that are not vital to reach your goals in the immediate future but could be implemented when time allows or when priorities shift.

In the same light, creating procedures puts structure into your workflow, giving you (and employees) a roadmap to follow in your day-to-day activities. This aids in decision-making, helps to standardise complicated processes, and helps you control the quality and consistency of your service/message/product. If you are employing others or looking to on-board more to your team, this is especially important. You will save time and resources in training various team-members how to do task new to them.


Build a team


Keeping on the subject of onboarding, you should consider building your own team. I don’t mean hiring a full-time HR manager, personal assistant and cleaning service! Start where you see you need the most help. In what areas of your business are you struggling, or maybe areas that you simply have plateaued in? You may consider hiring a Social Media Manager to take care of your Facebook and Twitter. Or perhaps a copywriter who can take charge of your blog page and give you a hand in enhancing your website’s messaging?

Whatever it is, as businesses scale, it’s fundamental that owners know how to delegate tasks and trust their team. Remember that there is a plethora of resources at your disposal.


Create packages


This is a bit of an old sales trick, and one that proves successful time and time again. Scaling a business doesn’t always mean hiring dozens of new employees, expanding your office space, and turning over millions of pounds in the second year. In some cases it can simply mean expanding what you already have in small, even microscopic, increments.

Take, for example, that you run a celebrant business organising vow renewals in Barcelona, Spain. You may have a €1800 ¨Besito¨ package that includes an English-speaking Celebrant to officiate, a certificate of ceremony, a bridal bouquet, and a 1-hour photo session for the couple at the venue of the ceremony.

Using this as a base, you can create an upgraded version of the package by adding on special services and increasing the price. Now, for the ¨Amor Mio¨ package, clients can get everything already included in the ¨Besito¨ deal, but with a 3-hour photo tour around the city, a chauffeur service for the day in a vintage luxury car, and a private dinner and flamenco show, at the special price of €2500.

The extra work you put in will be minimal, but the chances that a couple significantly upgrades their experience at the sacrifice of paying a little more are a lot higher.


Think big


Don’t fall into the trap of inadequacy. One of the biggest trends I see in my clients is the lack of confidence in their own abilities. You are doing what you are doing because you’ve put in the time, resources, hard work, and skills.

There is no reason to limit your business to a part-time gig if what you dream of is going full-time. There’s no reason you cannot create more elaborate packages at a higher price point. There’s no reason you can’t take your business to the next level.

Remember that growth starts within you. If you’re able to maintain a mindset that says you are worthy, you are skilled, and you are deserving, you can take your business wherever you want it to go.


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