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You’re fantastic at the art of Celebrancy. But your business is stuck and your not moving as fast as you’d like.

Get close to top industry experts

at our 3 day LIVE and RECORDED virtual summit aimed to help you tackle your biggest business issues.

You're going to learn

  • How to stay AUTHENTIC with your BRAND and shine bright

  • How to BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE when competition is heating up around you

  • How to ROCK selfies and create a PROFESSIONAL image with like a pro

  • How to approach and WORK WITH WEDDING VENUES

  • How to use YouTube to get visible and bookings in the diary

  • How to get bookings outside of the FUNERAL director and modernise your offering

  • How to use HANDFASTING and symbolic ritual in ceremony

  • How to work organise or attend a STYLED SHOOT with confidence

  • How to network with FUNERAL DIRECTORS and gain their loyalty

  • How to work in PARTNERSHIP with other celebrants to get consistent, quality bookings

  • How to get MEDIA COVERAGE for your celebrant business

  • How to write CONTENT on your website and social media that attracts your ideal clients

  • Are you working super hard to try and convert enquiry to booking?
  • Perhaps you are stuck getting the enquiries into your inbox?
  • Are you ready for celebrant focussed training that will deep dive into the areas you need to know?

this is not JUST a conference, this is an interactive business boosting LIVE virtual summit.

  • It's a virtual summit FULL of expert trainers!

  • It's a live learning event over 3 days

  • Each session is tailored to celebrancy, no noise from outside industries!

  • NEVER MISS A SESSION: LIVE and RECORDED giving you multiple opportunities to join in the sessions live from wherever you are in the world and catch up with the recordings.

Designed by Celebrants, for Celebrants.

Meet your expert trainers

Danielle Garber Brand Expert

How to Create Scroll Stopping Selfies

Danielle is a brand designer and marketing expert who has 17 years' experience working with the likes of Apple, Amazon and other leading brands as well as helping small businesses

Danielle knows how to create successful brands and content that stands out from the crowd and believes that the key to that success is sharing more of what makes your business unique - you!


Her Session:

When you're building a personal brand for your business, the quality of the photos you share matters; poor quality, unflattering selfies aren't going to cut it. If you want to build community and connection online, you'll need to put your best foot forward. In this value-packed seminar, I'll guide you through finding your style and share some pro tips on getting better quality photos without having to invest in tonnes of camera equipment.

Matahiozy Mathy Youtube Extrodinaire and motivational speaker

How to set up and use YouTube as a way to increase your confidence and influence

Mathy is a lifestyle motivator, speaker and coach. With 20 yrs experience in personal development training and a career coaching background.
As the Founder of #GoodmorningMathy Youtube series, a Ted Speaker, the author of "Quit or embrace your job crisis", she has lifelong experience in the creative world. Using social media, she has built a portfolio career and business on zero budget. She is the winner of JCI speaking competition, has been a keynote Speaker at Excell Graduate's fair and has delivered multiple leadership training workshops up and down the UK and Europe.


Her session:

Mathy will be sharing how she secures business using YouTube and how you can too. She'll be showing you some basic techniques to use this channel to increase your visibility. It's a powerful tool to get you seen and improving your ranking on google.

Debbie Skyrme Celebrant Spain

Secrets to successful Zoom ceremonies

Debbie Skyrme is an award winning celebrant officiating weddings, elopements and vow renewal ceremonies in the Spanish sunshine and online. Her motto is, "There are no boundaries, only bandwidth!"

Her session: Keeping up with technology as a one-person business is challenging enough but when online ceremonies are a serious alternative to traditional events in person, it is important to be as comfortable and confident with your computer skills as much as your celebrancy skills!

Former IT trainer Debbie Skyrme will share her secrets to creating your online ceremony space, understanding Zoom settings and the simplest way to manage an online ceremony whilst officiating at the same time!

Keenda Sisouphanh Luxe Wedding Planner

How to set up and organise a styled photoshoot for your business

Keenda is a London based wedding planner specialising in style led intimate understated luxe weddings for creative couples around the world, where ordinary isn't an option!
Events by Keenda creates understated luxe weddings which is the perfect combination of elegant but easygoing. Exceptional in more ways than one with personal touches and unique surprises, this is perfect for the couple who want that party vibe with a hint of luxury.
Her workshop:
You will learn how to plan and get your styled shoot featured, and how to join a shoot too! Style shoots are hot right now, especially with the lack of real ceremony images.
By the end of this you will know:
What a styled shoot is and the benefits • How to think of an original and unique theme or idea for your shoot • How to use styled shoots as part of your business strategy to build your brand and attract your ideal clients. • Shoot logistics • Tips on getting featured. Need more images to show off your business? This is the session for you!

Zoe Burke Editor of

The benefits of Editorial Coverage to your celebrant business

Zoe Burke is the UK’s leading wedding expert and editor of She has a decade of experience working in wedding journalism on brands such as Confetti, Hitched, You & Your Wedding and Bridal Buyer, amongst others and is frequently quoted in the media on all things wedding related.

Her session:

As the editor of one of the top wedding blogs in the UK, Zoe knows exactly how to impress the media through curating appealing content. She is going to dive into the benefits of getting editorial coverage and how to put it together to get the visibility of your business you desire.

Laura Payne-Stanley Master Coach, Hypnotherapist and 7 figure entreprenuer

How to convert your client calls into bookings every time.

Laura Payne-Stanley is a certified Master Coach & Hypnotherapist, and a multi-passionate 7 figure entrepreneur.  She's also called the Brand Seductologist, because she knows exactly how to use neuroscience plus marketing to convert your consultation calls into bookings every time.

Her session:

Have you ever been on a sales call when it felt sleazy, like going on a really bad first date? How about feeling like you can't get that booking over the line on calls with couples and the thought of selling your services makes you feel uneasy? No more leaving money on the table or missing out on bookings, Laura will teach you how through persuasive communication to get clients to book your services straight away with no sleazy, uncomfortable techniques.

Glenda Procter The Handfasting Queen

How to perform handfasting and Handtying in ceremony

She's back! The much awaited handfasting session is here and packs even more punch!

There is not much Glenda doesn’t know about the methods of handtying and the symbolic rituals that accompany such ceremonies. She has dedicated years to understanding the true art of Handfasting and was awarded HIGHLY Commended in the prestigious TWIA WEDDING AWARDS, recognising her contribution to the world of celebrancy, most significantly Handfasting.

She is a much-loved celebrant with hundreds of ceremonies under her belt; having witnessed couples pledging their love, one to the other as their hands have been bound in a variety of different ways.

Her session:

Glenda will focus on the differences between Handfasting Ceremonies and Handtying within a Wedding celebration. Sharing insights into her Handfasting and Handtying online Masterclass.

This session will leave you with an understanding of how to use a Handfasting and Handtying in a ceremony, with emphasis placed on safety, during COVID19 social distancing.

Adam Straney Award winning Australian Celebrant & Radio presenter

Creating a script that packs punch: How to create ceremony scripts that SCREAM personality.

Adam Straney really is The Master of Ceremony!

There's no crappy, boring weddings with this bloke. He speaks from the heart, unscripted and with a wicked sense of humour, Adam is making hundreds of couples happy every year from Australia to Austria, California to Canada, couples rave about this Australian celebrant. Pushing boundaries on his breakfast show, also educating in the US about social media strategies and how to push the ceremony into a different space.

A #1 bride's choice award winner, no one uses customer feedback like Adam. He will show you exactly how to get the best testimonials and use them to get more clients.

His session:

Adam is going to show you exactly how he packs punch into his ceremonies and how he crafts unique, fun, personalised ceremonies every time with ease. Listen to his steps, implement his training and watch your scripts go from boring to ones that shine!

Kelly Chandler Top Wedding Venue Consultant

How to approach wedding venues and get the bookings you desire


Kelly is a Business Consultant, Trainer and Wedding Venue Expert working exclusively with venue clients, empowering & supporting them to hit their goals, increase their wedding bookings and delight couples along the way. She supports many of the UK’s finest country houses, barns, farms, charitable trusts, landmark buildings, visitor attractions and independent venues, with a strong passion for heritage.

She has a wealth of wedding industry experience of more than 17 years, from leading her award-winning independent wedding planning business, The Bespoke Wedding Company, together with a Directorship at industry body, the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners.

Her session:

We all want to know how to get those venues to start recommending our services, right? Kelly works with these venues day in and day out and understands what it is they want and need. Kelly will go through the exact steps to get venues to not only notice you, but book you!

Zena Birch Top Humanist Celebrant

How to build your reputation as the go to celebrant by being authentically you

Zena Birch fell into celebrancy over a decade ago. Post fall, she took the actively positive step into training with Humanists UK and hasn’t looked back.
Over 280 weddings later the thing that still surprises and inspires her are the 560+ individual human stories she has had the privilege to learn about, explore and nurture into ceremonies. As we all know, no two couples are ever the same! A former chair of Humanists UK Ceremonies Board and part of the mentor training scheme, Zena is excited to be able to talk about her own take on celebrancy and how to authentically explore your own.
Her session:
Zena is going to talk about her own celebrant journey and how happy accident and authentic pursuit can help you build your brand just as much as a carefully planned strategy.
In this session we will look at how to keep your celebrant work fresh and engaging for yourself not just your couples, how to always fit the occasion instead of owning the show, how the professional/personal relationship you forge with your couples is paramount and how by breaking free of the idea of the ‘perfect clients’ you just may find yourself challenged, invigorated and a better celebrant practitioner.

Janine Hailey Fully booked Funeral Celebrant and Grief Recovery Specialist

How to create a reputation as "The Go To Funeral Celebrant"?

Janine is a Funeral Celebrant based in Swansea, South Wales. For the last three years, she has shared her deep-rooted passion in helping others and has now worked with over 550+ families across her area.

Creating a reputation locally as “The Go To Funeral Celebrant” was her dream and vision when she first started on her Celebrant journey, and we're delighted to say, that it is now her reality.

Her session:

Janine will share her own Funeral Celebrant Journey with you, so you can learn from it too by just taking what you need in order to help you; even if that it is in the smallest way, remembering that all small wins grow to be big successes!!
So many people think it is “easy to stand up there” and speak for 20 minutes - what she can, and what she will share with you, is the reality of what it does actually take to get to that very point, and the difference that can make to you, and to your business.

The Marrying Kind Aussie based Celebrant collective

How to build a tribe of celebrants to help you grow your business

The Marrying Kind are a group of 6 classy, sassy, unique, Brisbane based marriage celebrant friends who saw how tricky it was for couples to find world class celebrants all in one place....

So, meet Rachel, Liz, Jacki, Lisa, Jac and Roxy; The Marrying Kind.

The thing about TMK is that although they have the same beliefs of how a marriage ceremony should be (fun, never boring, serious when it needs to be, packed with emotion and definitely not awkward), they are all very different celebrants and work in cohesion with each other.

Their session:
In 2020 we know more than ever how difficult working solo can be…cue the covid sigh. Well, no longer do we have to be alone and the TMK girls are testament to how working together can not only bring more business in but also grow their own and a joint reputation for industry recognition.
The TMK girls are here to showcase their journey from how they started and what putting community over competition first has done to their individual businesses. They’ll be chatting about the importance of pivoting during this time and finding new ways of expanding your own individual offering.

Kate and Kate Founders of the Coffin Club

It's time for a funeral revolution: How to get bookings outside of the Funeral Directors

Kate Tym and Kate Dyer met when they worked together as Marriage Registrars before leaving, together, to become independent celebrants – conducting weddings, baby namings and funerals. They quickly became disillusioned with the type of conveyor-belt funeral being offered, and accepted, in most of the UK and the costs attached. They decided to do something about it…. And Coffin Club was born!

Their session:
Kate and Kate has transformed their funeral business from Funeral Director dependent to securing their own bookings. They've modernised their approach and disrupted the industry by going direct to market. They will share with you exactly how they did this and give you the confidence to go out there and get your own bookings too.

Nicola Russill Roy Director of Propose PR

What's newsworthing in celebrancy? How do I get in the media?

Nicola founded Propose PR in 2008 as the UK’s first dedicated wedding PR agency and over that time has developed the business to become an industry leader.

The first-rate results generated by Propose PR along with their growing reputation for the quality of service provided continues to strengthen their position in the wedding industry.

Founder Nicola Russill-Roy has over 17 years of experience in PR and 12 years of experience handling wedding PR specifically. As a business owner herself, Nicola knows the struggles all too well and she is keen to deliver help to you in a friendly and approachable way.

Her session:
Nicola is going back to basics. She's going to teach you how to reach out to the media to get results. After years of working with small business owners, she knows how to get seen, heard and visible using PR.

Amber Badger Professional Copywriter and Content Strategist

How to write content that attracts your ideal celebrant clients

Amber founded Badger Creative after working in content marketing for 7 years, supporting third sector organisations both in the UK and abroad. She's passionate about writing, and loves nothing more than working with courageous, heartfelt brands, crafting stories that speak directly to their dream audience.
She has a "no bullsh*t" approach to her writing, and understands what it takes to create content that converts. Since launching her copywriting business in 2019, she has appeared on BBC National Live, been nominated for a 'New Business' award, has held two sold out workshops and been interviewed on several podcasts.
Her session:
Amber will be sharing how Celebrants can use their content strategically and efficiently to strengthen their position in the market and connect with their ideal audience. She will be talking about how you can utilise content platforms such as your blog, your newsletter and social media, writing in a way that enhances your brand and draws your audience into your unique story.

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what our time together will look like

Day 1 - 9th November 2020

  • 9:00am GMT - Jennifer Claire


  • 10:00am - Laura Payne Stanley

    SALES: How to convert your client consultations into bookings every time.

  • 11:30am - Danielle Garber

    BRAND: The power of brand imagery

  • 2:00pm - Debbie Skyrme

    TECHNICALS: How to set up and perform a successful zoom ceremony

  • 6.00pm - Matshiozy Mathy

    YOUTUBE: How to set up and use YouTube as a way to increase your confidence and influence

  • 7.30pm - Keenda Sisouphanh

    STYLED SHOOTS: How to organise and run a styled shoot

Day 2 - 10th November 2020

  • 10:00am - Janine Hailey

    CRAFTING FUNERALS: How to personalise and modernise funerals during Covid

  • 11:30am - Glenda Procter

    SYMBOLISMS: Handfasting and Handtying in ceremony

  • 2:00pm - Zena Birch

    STYLING: How to stay authentic to your personality and style and attract the right clients for you.

  • 6.00pm - Kelly Chandler

    NETWORKING: How to approach wedding venues and keep them loyal

  • 7.30pm - Kate and Kate

    FUNERAL BUSINESS: It's time for a funeral revolution: How to get bookings outside of the Funeral Directors

Day 3 - 11th November 2020

  • 10am GMT - The Marrying Kind

    COMMUNITY: How community wins over competition every time - joining together to build confidence and business

  • 11:00am - Nicola Russil Roy

    PR: What's newsworthing with my business and how do I get in the media?

  • 1:00pm - Amber Badge

    CONTENT: How to write content that attracts your ideal client

  • 6:00pm - Adam Straney

    SCRIPT: How to create a ceremony that packs punch and shows off your true personality

  • 7.30pm - Zoe Burke

    BLOGS: How to get editorial coverage online

  • 8:30pm - Closing Party AND prize giving

CELEBRANTTOPIA Get ready for 3 days of jam packed business boosting power, with interactive seminars, live focussed training, recordings to give you the scalability you need, competitions, challenges, prizes and a whole lot of laughs. If purchased separately, these workshops would cost well over £1500.

Meet your host Jennifer Claire

Jennifer is the Celebrant Success Coach and the founder of The Celebrant Directory, a search and review site dedicated to Celebrants, promoting and supporting hundreds globally. She is also a very sought after UK and destination Wedding Celebrant. Since 2010, Jennifer has officiated hundreds of high end UK and European weddings.

Jennifer is a speaker and workshop leader for Celebrants, along with The Wedding Industry Awards judge and an award winning celebrant herself.

Jennifer is a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) digital marketing specialist with 11 years commercial experience and is the founder of Jennifer Claire Media, an agency focused on web design and digital marketing for wedding professionals. She also runs two award winning blogs and four successful Facebook pages with over 4k members and followers, one of which is 'Become a Wildly Successful Celebrant', a group dedicated to providing the tools and resources for Celebrants to grow their businesses.

Jennifer is an avid promoter of Celebrancy, a desired industry speaker and CPD trainer, and works tirelessly to support the growth of the industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual summit?

A virtual summit is an online conference. Packed full of AMAZING business transforming content, CelebrantTopia is designed to give you the skills to uplevel your business. Watch LIVE and join in the chat from the comfort of your own home, or catch up later and ask questions in the forum, this virtual summit gives you the opportunity to view all without missing out.

When is the summit?

The summit is 9-11th November 2020 and there will be 3/4 x 60 minute sessions per day. Each session will take place so that celebrants from all over the world can watch as many as possible LIVE and catch up on the recordings. You won't have to miss a thing!

Session times will be (approx) 7.30AM, 10AM, 4PM, 8PM UK, which means tons of opportunities to catch as many lives as possible.

All recordings will be placed into your very own CELEBRANTTOPIA HUB.

How will I receive the recordings?

When you are signed up, you will be given access to your very own CELEBRANTTOPIA HUB. In this hub you will find the recordings as and when they are ready.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the low cost of this summit, no refunds are given.

Where is the training done?

All training will take place in the private CELEBRANTTOPIA Facebook group and the recordings will be placed in your CELEBRANTTOPIA HUB.

What if I can’t make the live sessions?

No worries! All sessions can be accessed afterwards in your very own personal CELEBRANTTTOPIA Hub and if you have any questions, all presenters will be available in the group to help.



There is nothing like the celebrant community. This is a global virtual summit like no other.

 It’s a topia of ambition.

What can you expect?

  • 3 days of POWERFUL MASTERCLASS training by the best

  • Join in LIVE when you can, catch the recordings when you can't

  • LIVE Q&A breakout sessions with Jennifer each day

  • Interactive community in the private FB group

  • Focus on upleveling your business in the celebrant industry

  • All recordings to watch as many times as you need in your own dedicated CELEBRANTTOPIA HUB on



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