Transform your celebrant business from a hobby to a lifestyle.

more than just a membership

You started your celebrant business for the freedom of doing life your way. But if you're honest, you feel stuck.

  • The pieces aren’t connecting. You know what you want for your life and business, but *things* keep getting in the way. It feels like everyone around you has a packed to the brim calendar, a diary full of their dream clients and a community that just gets them.

  • And let me guess - you’re frustrated. You’re frustrated because try as you might, your marketing isn’t connecting to your ideal couples and families. Your support network is dwindling and you feel like you’re all on your own. You’re stuck in a rut and need an almighty boost in the right direction.

You aren't alone I promise!


Hey I'm Jennifer

and believe me, you’re in the right place.

I’m here to help you create a celebrant business that aligns with your life, your goals and your passion. A business that feels amazing; the type that enables you to live out your dreams, fulfilled and inspired every single day.

I’m a multi-award winning celebrant business growth coach and the director of The Academy of Modern Celebrancy - a world leading training organisation for people just like you. I know exactly what it takes to build an impactful celebrant business; I’ve done it for myself! Throughout my career, I have travelled the world as a celebrant, lived in some of the most idyllic spots while supporting my family and been featured in international publications. Now, I want to give you the confidence and knowledge to embrace your version of success.

It’s time to focus on your sustainable growth as a celebrant and business owner at a pace that feels good to you and that your dependable income, so that you can live a more satisfying, exciting, and worry free life.


The Celebrant CEO Club is so much more than your traditional professional membership.


It’s a community designed to help you move from ‘just getting by’ to THRIVING with purpose and clarity. Whether you’re a part-time celebrant looking to take the full-time leap or a celebrant who dreams of running their business like a pro, this is for you.

We combine STRATEGY with SUPPORT, SALES with SYSTEMS and tie it together with meaningful MENTORING - all in a safe space where you will feel seen, heard and understood.

In the Celebrant CEO Club, you will have access to our six pillars of success:




The Celebrant CEO Club community will quickly become your celebrant family - an incredible network of like-minded individuals ready to lift and motivate you. You’ll never be alone with our Zoom virtual co-working space, mentors guiding the way and your fellow CEOs cheering you on.


Ever wondered how full time celebrants get all those bookings? The answer is simple: by being strategic. You’ll get the inside scoop on what it takes to run a sustainable and successful celebrant business with Jennifer’s five-point celebrant business strategy.






Running a business can feel a bit like wearing all the hats and spinning all the plates. Luckily, automations will provide you with a blueprint for stress-free success. From contracts to invoices, digital accounting tools to CRMs, we will share all the tools needed to set yourself up to soar from day one.


Every day is a school day, and the Celebrant CEO Club is packed full of learning and training opportunities. Sales are a key part of building an abundant celebrant business, and we’ve got sales training by the bucket load. Each month we’ll be joined by an industry expert who will guide you through the many different elements of marketing your business with integrity and ease.






A huge part of the Celebrant CEO Club is our mentorship programme. If you need to run a script past someone else or have your copy read for your website, we’re here to help. Our mission is to help you get your business to the level it needs to be to desire, attract and convert your new clients. Plus, you can always count on the advice and support of our celebrant community.

become a ceo

We teach you how to run your business like a CEO. From setting up your business, taking care of yourself through our secret 10 steps through to full Public Liability and Indemnity insurance, you'll be prepared to run your business pro style.



A membership like no other


So, what's included?

The Celebrant CEO Club is more than just another membership. It’s a community, a network and a family designed to get you where you need to be.

coaching with Jennifer

Twice a month, we host a group coaching session with Jennifer where we look at your successes, hurdles and goals individually. Picture it as a bi-monthly 1-2-1 but within the safe and supportive group space; aka, an amazing opportunity to learn from one another.

the expert lounge

Every month we are joined by an industry legend so that you can learn from a master of their field firsthand about what it takes to build an epic business and brand. Whether we focus on Instagram, Pinterest or confidence, each and every session will boost your knowledge and grow your business.

access to the celebrant vault

Gain access to contracts, booking forms, readings, poems, sample scripts, invoice templates, certificates, email swipe files, pre-ceremony checklists – you name it, we have it ready for you to add a professional flair to your business.

safe, supportive & inclusive community

Join our exclusive Facebook community where you will have the opportunity to connect with AMC mentors and the rest of the Celebrant CEO Club community. This is a space to share and celebrate the wonderful world of celebrancy (and running a successful business).

30 day content planner

Enter every new month armed with 30 content ideas for social media and four blog ideas for your website (complete with a suggested structure and inclusion of key works). It’s your handy (and strategic) marketing toolkit, making your content production easier and more impactful.

mentoring and mindfulness

You'll get access to the incredible team at Academy of Modern Celebrancy. Our mentors are extremely experienced and you'll get access to our monthly check in's where you can share a script or have some of your marketing checked. Getting other opinions on your work when you work alone is priceless!

business blueprint

Your membership to the Club gives you access to our exclusive business blueprint and discounts on all of the set up - from a customer database to our email signature systems. This is what takes your business from hobby to pro.

quarterly strategy

Once a quarter we have a bumper session to get yourself ready for the next. We come together in an interactive session to plan our your goals - whether this is more learning or more implementation. Plus a lot of fun too!

the co-working zoom room

Each week for three hours, we open the Zoom Room co-working space. In this room, you can connect and then work alongside others in the CEO community. It’s the perfect place to bounce ideas around or a place to sit and work with others around.

insurance & legal documents

In your membership to the Celebrant CEO Club we will discuss options for Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance so that you can run your business knowing you are hosting ceremonies fully insured. We also provide you with the relevant legal documents needed for your clients.


prestigious affiliation

By joining the Celebrant CEO Club, you are joining a modern, forward thinking association that cares about you, your well being and your business. You can show off your affiliation through digital badge of honour.

that's not all...

get these bonuses!

  • vow for girls

    As a company that celebrates love, we’re proud to support VOW for Girls so that every girl has the chance to live a life she loves. For every member of the CEO Celebrant Club, we will make a donation to this important charity on your behalf. You will also receive a badge to show your commitment to ending child marriage.

  • discounts

    As a member of the Celebrant CEO Club, you will also have access to first class discounts to help elevate your business, including website design, brand revamps, Celebranttopia, instant access to the bootcamp and challenges and the Academy of Modern Celebrancy training courses.

  • meet-ups

    You will be invited to local leader meetups as part of your membership with the CEO Celebrant Club. This is a great opportunity to get together in person, learn from the group and even explore networking opportunities.

Lisa Lisa Wilson Celebrant

Jennifer's coaching has transformed my celebrant business.

I am more focused, determined, knowledgeable and inspired.

Within 3 months I achieved my income targets for the whole year which had been organically growing but under Jennifer's guidance I've implemented her training and seen phenomenal return both professionally and personally. She's smart, kind and a visionary. I've loved and learnt so much.

more celebrant love!


What's the investment?


  • Total flexibility to manage your memberhsip month by month


  • Get 2 month free if you commit to an annual membership

Does this sound like you?

  • You absolutely LOVE being a celebrant, but right now you aren’t making enough bookings to fully throw yourself (*cough* full-time!) into it

  • You feel bored and unfulfilled in your career and have always dreamed of being a celebrant, but you’ve never known where to start (or who to ask)

  • You’ve been running your celebrant business for a while now, and yet it hasn’t really grown. You want to take it to the next level so that it can support the lifestyle of your dreams

  • You miss feeding off of the energy of a team. You wish you were a part of a community who actually understands and nurtures your business needs

  • You want to learn from in-CRED-ible movers and shakers without having to take out another mortgage just to fund the investment

yes, yes and yes again?


Join the club here

The only membership you'll need

Still not sure?

Here’s my guarantee.

Jennifer AMC Founder

together, let’s turn your dreams into a living, breathing reality.

Building a business can feel pretty lonely. My ultimate aim with the Celebrant CEO Club is to make sure we - as passionate celebrants - can always count on our community. I want it to feel like more than just another membership - I want it to be something that you’re excited to be a part of. A community that genuinely builds you up and guides you towards transformative opportunities.

Throughout my career working as a celebrant and, now, an award-winning celebrant coach, I’ve learned the key ingredients for business success.

Let me share them with you.


Where do you want to be this time next year?


No, there's no tie in! Join as you need the support and I can assure you, the community (if not family!) you'll join will be invaluable for your growth.

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